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Right to Work Checks for the UK Employers

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The Right To work Checks: For an Employer in the UK

It has become very essential to do the RIGHT TO WORK CHECKS if one is employing the non-EU Immigrant work force or Employee.

Home office Right to work Checks are available online now on the GOV.UK website. It gives the Employers the access 24 hours online for up-to-date and real time information about migrant's right to work and making it easier for both to know their rights and proves that the migrant is eligible to work and how many hours of allowance to them with complete guidance related to your questions.

Right to work is Free and secure to use online unlike the previous paper based services where you need to send the documentations to Home Office and wait for their response.

These changes will mean that the Employers can use the Online Servies to demonstrate that they have carried out the Rights to work checks for their Immigrant Employees and can avoid the penalties in future if found employing theillegal immigrants. This services is Voluntary for Employers as well as for individuals to check.

It is also good for the immmigrant, who can use the online document checking service to demonstrate their right to work in the UK.

The Right to Work check can be used by Non-EEA/UK or non-UK Settled nationals. For the other EU nationals with family permits or EU family members would need the necessary documents to prove their right to work in the UK.

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UK Immigration Fees are Changing from 29 March 2019

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UK Visa Immigration, Nationality and the UKVCAS fees are changing from 29 March 2019

UK Visa and Immigration department of GOV.UK had already announced the from 2% till 41% rise in the fees from the last year for the Immigration fees and UKVCAS services provided by Sopra Steria. An extensive list can be found on GOV.UK website.

There are also many major changes has happened since 02nd January 2019.

The fees for Indefinite Leave to Remain has remained same as the last year £2389 and the Naturalisation fees to £1330 and other nationality fees has not changed since last year.

The UKVCAS Super Priority fees has risen 31% in the UK so now it will cost the applicant s £800 on top of the normal application fees, if they are looking to get the 24 hours visa approval.

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News Story; 25 Oct 2018

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News Story from The Gaurdian; 25th Oct 2018
The home secretary has apologised to migrants – including to Afghan nationals who worked for the British armed forces and Gurkha soldiers – who were forced to provide DNA samples under the government’s hostile environment agenda. Migrants seeking to live and work in the UK on the basis of a family relationship can choose to provide DNA to prove a relationship to support an application. But Sajid Javid told the House of Commons that in June it became apparent that the provision of DNA evidence had been made a requirement and was “not simply a request” in a number of family visa applications.
“Today I want to take this opportunity to apologise to those who have been affected by this process,” Javid said.
Javid said he had set up a new taskforce for anyone who felt they had been wrongly required to provide DNA evidence for an immigration application. The home secretary said the issue came to light over the summer and an internal review was immediately ordered. The review had finished but there was further work to to be done to establish the scale of the problem, Javid said. “But regardless of the numbers of the people that have been affected, one case is one too many,” he said. “I’m determined to get to the bottom of how and why in some cases people can be compelled to supply DNA evidence in the first place.” The majority of cases identified were part of a Home Office operation, which started in April 2016, to clamp down on alleged fraud in some family and human rights immigration applications. Letters sent as part of the operation incorrectly stated that the applicant had to provide DNA evidence and that not providing such information without a reasonable excuse would lead to their application being refused on suitability grounds. Javid said 83 applications were refused, including seven refused solely for the failure to provide DNA evidence. A further six appear to have been refused for failure to provide DNA evidence where this was not the sole reason. In addition, the home secretary said the illegal requirement to provide DNA had been been applied to Gurkha soldiers and Afghan nationals who had worked for the UK government. In January 2015, a scheme was expanded to allow adult dependent children of Gurkhas discharged before 1997 to settle in the UK, Javid said. Guidance was published that stated that DNA evidence might be required and that applications could be refused if that evidence was not provided without reasonable excuse within four weeks. “This published guidance was wrong and has now been updated,” Javid said, adding that there were 51 cases identified where DNA evidence was requested from applicants at their own cost. There were four cases from the same family who had their application refused solely because they did not provide DNA evidence. In 2013, applications from Afghan nationals formerly employed by the UK government to resettle in the UK were welcomed. But the terms of the scheme included mandatory DNA testing for family groups paid for by the UK government, Javid said. Current investigations suggest that no one making an application under this scheme has been refused because they did not take a DNA test, he said. “Nonetheless mandatory testing should not have been part of this scheme and this requirement has now been removed,” the home secretary added.
“In particular I would like to extend my apology to the Gurkhas and Afghans that have been affected. The two schemes I’ve described were put in place to help the families of those who have served to keep our country safe. I’m sorry that demands were made of them that should never have been.

News Story

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Home Secretary announced plans for citizenship reforms

The Home Secretary has proposed reforms to British citizenship including tougher English language requirements and changes to the Life in the UK test.

The Home Secretary proposed a series of reforms to British citizenship on this day,Tuesday 2 October2018. The reforms include tougher English language requirements for people applying for British citizenship and proposals to reform the Life in the UK test to give greater prominence to the British values and principles expected of those wishing to call the UK their permanent home.

A public consultation will be brought forward on the Life in the UK test, which is the test an individual is required to take as part of their application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK, and accompanying handbook. The proposals would ensure that the test is more relevant to daily life and culture in the UK.

In addition, the level of language proficiency expected for adults seeking to naturalise as British citizens will be raised.

Home Secretary also outlined that powers to deprive individuals of their British citizenship will be applied to individuals convicted of the most serious criminal offences, where it is in the public interest.

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Latest from Home Secretary for Commonwealth Citizens’

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Commonwealth Citizens' Update

The new dedicated team will work across government to help individuals identify and gather evidence to confirm their existing right to be in the UK.

The package of measures is being introduced to support individuals, who have resided in the UK for an extended period and encourage them to come forward and regularise their stay.

Home Secretary said: This is about individuals, people who have built their lives here in the UK and contributed so much to our society. "I don’t want them to feel unwelcome or to be in any doubt about their right to remain here. There is absolutely no question about their right to remain".

The new team will work with HM Revenue and Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Department for Education and other relevant bodies to help people evidence their right to be here.

You can read more on GOV.UK Website


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